Journalist Has to Pay $176,000 for Blowing Up Rare Porsche Engine image

Mark Hales, a British journalist, has to pay a jaw-dropping $176,000 for blowing up the engine of Formula One driver David Piper’s Porsche.

The journalist is now selling everything he has to be able to pay the $176,000 he owes to David Piper after he blew up the engine of his $2 million Porsche in ill-fated joy ride. The mishap occurred when Mark Hales over-revved the rare sports vehicle belonging to the veteran Formula One driver. Hales. 62, said that although Davis Piper agreed before the bank-breaking test drive that the journalist will not be responsible for any damages, the multi-millionaire reneged the deal.

“The Porsche 917 is a tough car to drive and it is a matter of fact that the engines blow up,” said Hales, a writer for Octane and Auto Italia magazines. “Everyone has done it and I knew this was the case.”

Britain’s High Court recently ruled in Piper’s favor, who requested Hales to pay $76,000 for the repairs cost, besides the around $100,000 he owes in legal fees. Hales said he has already sold everything and if Piper chooses to enforce the findings it would mean bankruptcy for the journalist. Although the two men agreed that Hales will not be held responsible for the damages, the judge made the journalist responsible as his driving ‘fell below the standard of care required of him.