Just-Auto  Reports Results for Annual Survey on Global Auto Industry image

According to just-auto’s annual survey of the global auto industry, 2013 will be a challenging year for the auto industry.

The just-auto conducts its Confidence Survey each year in January and asks participants to express their view regarding the auto industry prospects, winner and looser automakers, emerging market preferences and expectations for the national auto market. The respondents are industry professionals from all over the world.

The percentage of those ‘quite optimistic’ over the auto industry this year was 44.1%, compared with 35.7% for those who expect ‘little change.’ 56.9% of them considered that the biggest risk in 2013 would be a market contraction or recession, followed by raw material prices or increased oil prices. The greatest interest for the consumer would be improved fuel efficiency when it comes to vehicle innovation, followed by driver assistance systems (such as collision avoidance and assisted parking) and vehicle connectivity.

When it comes to winning and losing automaker, the participants put Hyundai-Kia on the first place, followed by VW, BMW, Toyota and Ford, leaving at the bottom of the list PSA Peugeot Citroen. Around 71% of the participants see hybrids gain more market share this year, while 87% of them said EVs will undershoot sales targets.

“Our survey highlights that there are plenty of growth opportunities in certain technologies and that the successful companies are the ones able to effectively meet rising consumer expectations across the world and do that on a good global manufacturing footprint,” said just-auto editor Dave Leggett.