Justin Bieber Does It Again This Time Hitting Pedestrian With His White Ferrari image

Last night, May 17th, Justin Bieber hit a pedestrian with his white Ferrari in Hollywood.

The pedestrian is believed to be a photographer and the injuries he suffered are not life-threatening. The police will not pursue a case against Justin Bieber and police spokesperson Lieutenant Craig Valenzuela said that the singer’s vehicle collided with a person just before midnight in the 8800 block of Sunset Boulevard.

Valenzuela added that nobody was arrested as no crime has been committed, and that investigations will determine if the pedestrian was on the road and not on the sidewalk. A video posted on the Internet, shows the singer getting into his white Ferrari as he is surrounded by paparazzi. As he drives off, one person is seen falling to the ground and gripping his knee.

Last month the 19-year-old star managed to hit headlines again after police received complaints that the pop star was seen driving his white Ferrari at freeway speeds in a 25mph zone, in the prestigious north Los Angeles gated community, where he lives. Although friends repeatedly advised him not to drive anymore and get a personal driver instead, he chose to ignore them.

“People are afraid something (bad) will happen. Justin has been sternly advised by his team to stop driving, get a driver,” an insider told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “But he’s not listening.”

Source: Reuters