Kahn Design “The End” Special Edition is a LR Defender tribute image

The land Rover Defender is no more – at least not in its current form. But the model that links back to the Series I from 1948 will live to get a complete new generation.

Before that happens, fans are left with some opportunities though. For example you can go to Kahn Design and ask for a commission of the Geneva introduced “The End” Defender Special Edition. The model is of course a tribute to the legend of the Defender, and will be severely limited to a total of no more than 25 examples. Official pricing kicks off at £90,000 or €105,000, and the check can weigh even heavier because Kahn’s Chelsea Truck Company can tailor each of the special edition units to the individual taste of the owner.

Kahn Design “The End” Special Edition is a LR Defender tribute 4

You can have the blue Defender in either left- or right-hand drive, but there’s just one option for the powertrain – 2.2-liter turbo diesel good for 122 PS (120 horsepower) and 360 Nm (266 lb-ft). This French Racing Blue example also wears 20 inch Mondial Volcanic Black alloy wheels – the roof is also black satin and comes with a panoramic glass sunroof. The interior has been clad in leather, but there’s also machined aluminum for the pedals, and a billet finish steering wheel.