Karma Battery Not Ruled Out in Houston Garage Fire image

Recent reports say that the last week garage fire in Sugar Land, near Houston was not caused by the plug-in Fisker Karma.

“There are conflicting reports and uncertainty surrounding this particular incident, ” Fisker said. “The cause of the fire is not yet known and is being investigated.”

After the fire the car’s battery was intact, which rules out the possibility of causing the fire. Bereisa, CEO of consultancy Auto Lectrification, declared that was caused the fire was the poor packaging of the engine compartment and of the exhaust routing which caused excess heat. Fisker denied the affirmation saying that it has dispatched its own team of engineers to take a closer look into this mess.

“There are myriad combustible materials that could be in the garage, in the wheel arch, or picked up on the roadside,” said Fisker spokesman Roger Ormisher. “They think the source is around the Karma, but they have not determined any cause yet. We have investigative teams, three insurance companies and the local fire chief all with their opinions. There are some question marks.”

In the last few months Fisker had to answer a lot of questions about the reliability of the Karma after in March a Karma battery failed during a test made by the Consumer Reports magazine. Fisker also recalled in December 2011, 239 Karma vehicles to solve a battery problem that raised the risk of fire.