Karma believed to bring better luck to reborn Fisker Automotive image

We played a little with the words, but it appears that “bad juju” surrounded the green automaker formerly known as Fisker Automotive – now under Chinese patronage.

The Chinese-owned automaker has been clawing its way back out of bankruptcy since 2013 and trying to restart the production of what once looked like a sleek plug-in hybrid luxury vehicle but turned out to be a complete failure. Trying to escape the public memory of bad problems associated with Fisker, the automaker is now rechristened as Karma Automotive. There’s an interesting question coming up now – if they manage to finally restart production of the ir sole product will they name it something like Karma Karma?! “Karma was chosen because its relevant to both the old and new brands, and also because it says something important about the new company,” we can find from a company statement. The release also put n accent on the new ownership and management structure.

Back in the first days of existence, the former Fisker Automotive was founded by Henrik Fisker, a Danish designer that among others penned the exotic Aston Martin DB9. He wanted to show the world that battery-powered vehicles were not slow and expensive – they could be stylish, fast and utterly expensive. Buzz in 2012 surrounded the launch, with many celebrities endorsing the company and even investing their hard earned cash. But initial media reports were mixed and some problems that needed recalls also arose. And in the final quarter of 2013 Fisker went bankrupt, with main assets now belonging to China’s Wanxiang Group.