Karma Revero kicking off sales this month, prices are in image

A bit behind schedule – as in it needed to die and be reborn – the formerly Fisker Karma now Karma Revero plug in hybrid luxury sedan is getting ready to start deliveries this month.

Karma Automotive, a newly born automaker, has even introduced its first ever ad, aired on CBS during the 2017 U.S. Open Polo Championship – we can’t say it took a lot of creative effort from their part. It’s called “Delivery” and shows the PHEV being delivered in California and Florida, with Jim Taylor, Karma Automotive’s Chief Revenue Officer, commenting a bit too proud “The spot marks the rebirth of one of the most honored silhouettes in automotive history. We felt this moment in time deserved to be recognized.”

The Karma Revero is the reborn, reworked version of the Fisker Karma plug in hybrid, which became Karma Automotive back in 2013 with help from Chinese investors. The company has also officially introduced the online configurator, and of course the prices have been updated upwards to reach 2017. The starting MSRP is of $130,000, but then you can add three “levels” of cost for the optional shades, four different wheel options, colored brakes, and then there are of course the interior options. The powertrain is only one – 403-horsepower (300-kilowatt) hybrid with 50 miles (80 km) in full electric mode.