Kelleners Sport offers more power to BMW Z4 sDrive35is image

In what we say a tuner should prove himself powerful enough through his excellent work, we have got one in this segment to spruce up the already roaring engine into something called a unique setup.

The German tuner Kelleners Sport had played well under the hood of the BMW Z4 sDrive35is. The simple car has become the real rager due to its engine that had received a new life lately.

The tuner has also proved itself one of the power boosters by turning the car’s already impressive power to even more aggressive. Earlier, the BMW Z4 sDrive35is delivered a remarkable 340 PS (250 kW / 335 bhp) and 450 Nm (332 lb-ft) of torque, whereas, now the car proudly produces 405 PS (298 kW / 400 bhp) and 539 Nm (398 lb-ft) of torque from its 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged inline 6-cylinder unit.

Not only this, the tuner has also focused on other additions that include 19 inch and 20 inch dimensions of wheels. The wheels would be available either in Hamburg or Berlin rims. Besides, the special lowering springs will help reduce the ride height of this beautiful car by 20 mm at the front and 10 mm at the rear axles.

As far as the interior is concerned, the German tuner Kelleners Sport has added a 3-spoke sport steering wheel, foot rests adorned with velour floor mats, and aluminum pedals.

Apart from this, the other additions include bespoke interior finishes that enhance the look due to leather touch with wooden trims which are available as per the requests made by the customers.




By Sunita Mandal