Ken Block Releases San Francisco Gymkhana 5 on July 9th image

Monday, June 18th, master of Hooning, Ken Block and DC Shoes announced that their 5th installment of the Gymkhana series will be made official on July 9th, 2012 on DC Shoes YouTube Channel at 10 AM EST.

Gymkhana FIVE will take place on the hills of San Francisco, and, as already known, the Monster Energy World Rally Team driver will offer a breath-taking show. The streets of San Francisco take pride with the Gymkhana FIVE, the most unique project to date in the franchise’s history.

“I’ve always wanted to film a Gymkhana video in a city and there are few places as unique and iconic with such amazing topography as San Francisco. While movies like Bullit and various chase scenes have tried to use San Francisco to the fullest, I’m pretty confident that I’ve proven there was a lot left to be done on those amazing streets!” – Ken Block

The video will be seen on June 29th at Summer X Games 18, but only by VIPs and a few journalists. Ken Block has gathered more than 140 million YouTube views for the Gymkhana videos over the years. We hope that Gymkhana FIVE will overpass the fourth installment in the series, considered the boldest and biggest production until now.