Ken Okuyama’s Kode57 supercar was presented at the Quail image

While this designer’s name might not actually ring any bells, you have cherished his work in more than one occasion – he’s one of the men behind the looks of the stunning Ferrari Enzo.

Now he decided to please the crowds and amaze the fans during the Monterey Car Week, with the Japanese designer that is also famous for the Maserati Quattoporte and Ferrari P4/5 presenting his own take on the supercar world. He has his own design firm, which conceived the Kode57 Enji, which made the first worldwide live appearance during the Quail Motorsports Gathering. And if that’s not enough, rumor has Floyd Mayweather already commissioning one example for a stunning $2.5 million. Back to the car, right. This is a classic, lightweight, open-top supercar concept, with the designer fully intending to do a small run production.

Ken Okuyama’s Kode57 supercar was presented at the Quail 3

Power comes courtesy of a 6.0-liter V12, claimed to be rated at 611 horsepower and 448 pound-feet of torque, linked to a six-speed semi-automatic transmission. Novitec was apparently responsible for the engine, which can even be tuned for a better sounding 692 hp and 473 lb-ft. That’s great, considering the whole thing tips the scales at just about 3,600 pounds.