Kentucky also sues Volkswagen over diesel scandal image

The state of Kentucky has joined the list of the US local governments which are suing the German automaker over its diesel emissions trick.

After Texas, West Virginia, Harris County – Texas, and New Mexico, Kentucky is at least the fifth US state to file a lawsuit against Volkswagen over the automaker’s emissions scandal. Kentucky Attorney General said VW and its luxury units Porsche and Audi willfully violated state’s Consumer Protection Act by fraudulently promoting diesels, thus asking for civil penalties. “Volkswagen must be held accountable for its false and misleading promotion and sales of its vehicles in the Commonwealth,” he said in a statement.

Volkswagen is facing more than 500 lawsuits in the United States, after the company has disclosed that 482,000 2.0-litre 2009-2015 diesel cars and 85,000 of its larger cars powered by the 3.0-litre V6 have higher-than-allowed emissions levels. The German Group is currently under a ban of selling its 2016 diesel models. It also faces a deadline on Thursday to disclose the status of talks over a settlement plan with the US regulators, as a district judge at a court hearing in San Francisco increased the pressure on Volkswagen last month, demanding for a definitive answer on the status of the matter by March 24.

The company is reportedly in negotiations with authorities to setup a national remediation fund and a separate one for California to compensate the impact of its cheating scheme. It is said one fund would be administered by the Environmental Protection Agency and used to push for cleaner transportation solutions throughout the country, while the other would be run by California to promote zero-emission vehicles in the state, some sources revealed last week.

Via Reuters