Kia Motors Corporation exports, South Korea’s second-largest automaker reached the 10 millionth vehicle export mark today with a Snow White Pearl Optima sedan that was earmarked for shipping to the US.

According to the automaker, it took 30 years for Kia Motors to reach the 5 million unit export mark, but only six years since 2005 to reach 10 million.
Kia Motors’ exports began with a shipment of 10 pickup trucks to Qatar. The number of overseas destinations for Kia Motors vehicles has since expanded to 156 countries, according to the company.

Overseas sales of Kia Motors reached 1,647,019 vehicles, including those produced at overseas plants, in 2010 alone.

To commemorate this milestone event, a celebration ceremony was held today at Pyeongtaek Port which was attended by some 400 guests including Kia Motors Vice Chairman & CEO Hyoung-Keun Lee, local government officials and numerous foreign dignitaries stationed in Korea.

Kia said that sales of vehicles produced at its overseas factories surged 86 percent to 730,000 in 2010.
Exports of vehicles made at factories in South Korea rose 26 percent to 917,000 for the full year. Domestic sales, meanwhile, gained 18 percent to 483,000 vehicles.


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