Kia celebrates milestone production in Slovakia image

The South Korean based automaker Kia is currently celebrating a milestone production of 1 million units in its Slovakia plant.

According to the car manufacturer, Kia has chosen a unique way of celebrating its milestone production of 1 million units in Slovakia, and as you can see from the image posted above too, clown doctors are riding in the car which is wearing the 1 million mark on it. Kia says that the model seen above, the Cee’d SW diesel, has been donated to a Slovakian children’s charity, the Red Nose Clowndoctors, so this explains why the people riding in it have red noses.

“We decided to donate it to an organization which will bring pleasure to children during their stay in hospitals”, said the president and CEO of Kia Motors Slovakia, Eek-Hee Lee.

Kia is currently doing well in Slovakia and while its competitors are struggling with a tough year, sending people home, the South Korean car manufacturer had actually increased its car production in the country by ten percent, and the engine production during 2011 has also been increased by 12 percent. A third shift has been added at the Slovakian plant and the number of employees has grown to 3.900. 252.000 cars and 359.000 engine have been manufactured in 2011 alone.