Kia Chose Denuo Digital Agency to Improve Its Internet Presence image

Today, January 18th, Kia announced it has picked Denuo as its new digital as agency, as the automaker plans to increase its investment in mobile and Internet marketing.

“It really came down to three different pieces: [Denuo’s] strategic business foresight, their technology and their experience,” said Kia’s national digital marketing manager, Dave Schoonover.

Kia asked Publicis Groupe-owned Denuo to improve its Web portals and make it easier for customers to find the automaker’s vehicles on the Internet. The company said Denuo has already started to redesign and add more images, video and creative content. The digital agency will also make some changes to Kia’s mobile apps, in-store kiosks and social media efforts.

Michael Sprague, executive vice president of marketing for Kia Motors America said that the automaker will boost investments on digital work this year, but didn’t offer any details on the issue. He added that Kia plans to reach the growing number of customers using new gadgets, such as smartphones and tablets, when looking for vehicles on the Internet.

“We’re seeing a shift from people using our traditional Web site to using our mobile Web site,” Sprague said. “Our mobile traffic is growing every month.”