Kia Motors cut the ribbon on its 11th manufacturing plant in the world, in Pesqueria, Nuevo Leon in Mexico.

The South – Korean automaker announced only 13 months ago its intentions to build its first manufacturing facility in Mexico and, after an investment of 3 billion dollars, the plant opened its doors, officially becoming KIA’s fastest implemented project. The plant in Pesqueria, Nuevo Leon, is the 11th manufacturing facility built by KIA, completing a fleet spread across the world, in Korea, China, Slovakia, Russia and the US. 70,000 jobs will be created, out of which 14,000 in the plant itself and 56,000 with tier one and two supply chain.

The new complex is also the most modern KIA facility in the world, featuring a new 75 million dollars stamping press, the biggest and most advanced in all KIA plants, weighing 3,862 tons and measuring 18 meters high. The plant is also equipped with energy efficient LED lighting technology and an integrated waste water treatment plant aimed at avoiding any toxic water discharge into the Pesqueria River, as well as any land contamination. KIA Mexico President, Seong-Bae Kim described the facility and its expected performance as: “one of the most environmentally-friendly automotive manufacturing plants in the region. Once mass production commences, it will take less than one minute for a vehicle to come off the assembly line, making our facility among the most productive among all KIA plants globally.”

According to officials, the new plant will have an annual production of 300,000 cars, with approximately 60% of the production going to the US and Canada, 20% to the domestic Mexican market and the rest of 20% to other Latin American markets. Paul Philpott, KIA UK CEO declared that: “Having this plant in operation is great news for our UK market, as it eases up the pressure on Korean production which will allow for a much greater supply for the UK going forward into the next few years.”


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