Kia displays its self-driving tech at Geneva image

Kia’s new Drive Wise sub-brand is showcasing its self-driving technologies at the ongoing Geneva Motor Show.

The South Korean brand targets to fit its cars with autonomous technologies by the end of the decade. As part of their quest, Kia announced during the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show at the beginning of the year the launch of a new sub-brand, ‘Drive Wise’, to encompass its forthcoming Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. The system is currently under development, with the company also bringing its innovations in the field at the Geneva Auto Show this year, for visitors to experience a series of next-generation technologies and concepts with interactive displays. Kia plans to invest 2 billion dollars by 2018 for the automaker to fast-track development of its Drive Wise project, with the ultimate goal of launching fully self-driving cars by 2030. The US state of Nevada recently granted Kia a special license to test the new technologies on public roads. The all-electric Soul EV – Kia first globally-sold electric car – is acting as the brand’s testbed for the development of next-generation of smart and independent cars, as it takes to the roads around Death Valley.

Kia’s self-driving related tech on display at the Geneva Show include Highway Autonomous Driving, Urban Autonomous Driving, Preceding Vehicle Following, Emergency Stop System, Traffic Jam Assist and a new Autonomous Parking & Out function. Drive Wise features will also facilitate communication and interaction between the driver and vehicle with the new Human Machine Interface (HMI) functions, such as gesture control, fingerprint sensors and smart-device connectivity.