Hurry Up!! Be the first to book limited edition of 2010 Kia Ghost Soul
It’s just 1, 100 units of Kia Ghost Soul that are going to get offered in US market.

The most awaited and special addition of Kia is truly an amazing experience to have. There are many of the followers and users of Kia models like Ignition, Denim and Shadow Dragon but this model is attached with most luxurious and technically superior style. Let’s have a journey into the world of this special edition of one of the most terrific compact cars.
* The Birth
The South Korean make of Kia is quite popular for their compact cars and advance luxurious features inside the car. The Soul is one of the most reactive and demanded models of the Company and after seeing huge success of Soul, the company have decided to go ahead and give birth to a Ghost Soul!! The name is definitely spooky but not the drive is!!


* The Features
It’s quite obvious that when the cars are produced by Kia, car lovers are definitely going to expect something extra and the company has fulfilled the heritage of their models even in Ghost Soul. There are many of the specialties of the car and here we will review it more systematically.
*The Interior
The biggest change lies in the latest addition of special-spec system offered by the cars. Along with these, there are also the attractive two semi bucket seats in front and even the facility of flat folding the seats that can increase storage as well. The four speaker stereo system that has been enlighten by the Audio Upgrade Package in which there are center speaker, subwoofer and external amplifier along with speaker light that dance with the music. The Bluetooth hands-free connectivity, larger cabin shift like leather covered black steering wheel and shift knob are some of the incredible and heavenly feeling providers to the insiders.


*The Exterior
The exterior is real explosive in Ghost Soul. The Pale Blue color with gray accent strips is making this magical car more thrilling. Other facilities of Soul like 18” alloy wheels, racing stripes, “dragon” and “houndstooth” graphics that are specialties of Kia also are added to the exteriors. The power moon roof, front-fender vents, LED turn indicators are the decorative attachments of Ghost Soul.
*The Engine
The two inline four cylinder gasoline engine will be running this Ghost. The five speed manual transmission available with stand-out option of automatic four-speed transmission. Also in some models the five speed manual gear-box is expected. So, overall the car is going to thrash the adventure lovers and this compact car is bound to give an economical passionate driving experience for sure.


* The safety
In the safety issue, Kia is always a safer choice as it holds the five stars for safety concern by Euro NCAP. Kia is also awarded as the safest B segment family cars of the world. Many of the awards from other countries and the experience of millions of Kia users unanimously offer one of the safest drives in the world with Ghost Soul.
*The Price
This luxurious and rich drive is offered at the worth prices of $20,185 with the standard five-sped manual transmission and $21,185 for one fitted with the optional four-speed automatic. Choice is yours!!
So, these are some of the features of Ghost. It is said that “no one has seen Ghosts, as they are unseen but can be experienced”. But Kia proved them wrong as the Ghost Soul is not only seen but also can be experienced with adventurous luxurious modes. Be among the only 1,100 pride owners of the Ghost Soul in USA.


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