Kia Motors Corporation appoints new President image

Kia Motors Corporation has appointed a new President to continue the leadership of the automaker.

With more than 30 years experience within the Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group, Hyoung-Keun (Hank) Lee takes over the position from his previous role as Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the International Business Division at Group headquarters in Seoul.

Lee brings a wealth of international experience to his new role and will lead Kia’s corporate planning, marketing and overseas business operations. Prior to heading Kia’s International Business Division, he served as President of Kia Motors Europe and President and CEO of Dongfeng Yueda Kia, the company’s joint venture in China.

Kia Motors Corporation is confident he is well suited to continue Kia’s remarkable growth based on his extensive experience in the automotive industry, having worked within the Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group since 1977.

As Vice-President and COO, Lee developed effective countermeasures in response to high oil prices and international economic fluctuations. He also contributed to securing Kia’s presence in overseas markets by expanding the supply of high-demand models to further satisfy customer experiences and strengthen dealer networks.

Lee takes over the position from Eui-Sun Chung who was recently appointed Vice Chairman of Hyundai Motor. During his tenure as President of Kia Motors, the Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group grew to be one of the world’s top five automakers.

Kia Motors posted record first-half profits in 2009 and sales of Kia vehicles continue to outpace competitors as it gains market share in many countries around the world.

Michael Cole, Managing Director of Kia Motors (UK) Limited said: “Hank knows the UK and European markets well and I am confident this is a positive development that will maintain the progress we have made with the brand in recent years. With five all-new Kia models due to come to the market in the next two years his steady and knowledgeable hand on the tiller will be very welcome as the world emerges form economic turmoil.”

  • Bertha Tumblin

    HI my name is Bertha Tumblin. I brought a 2007 Sorento Ex Fully load Top of the line Kia. I couldn't afford to have my kia service at KIa time in Florence, SC. I had it service at Thread Tires. I carried my kia to Kia time to get the engines light off. They told me that my tranmission fluid needed changing.
    They never even mention that the differential fluid had never been change they could have mention it to me and i could have had it done . I know if Car Town Kia saw that the seal was never broken then it was an oversight for Kia service as well as it was for me. I call and ask KIa time warrenty for a good will to get the differential fix in my Kia. I was denial because they said that I never service my vechile but it was service at every 3000 miles at Thread Tires. I purchases my KIa brand new and it is only 3year old. I feel that nothing should go out on a car as serious as a Drive part of any vechicle in 3years. It cost 2,200.00 to fix the differential in the Sorento EX top Top of line Kia fully Load and the cd player also stop loading. Can be reach at 843-420-5046 after 4:30. Thank you for allowing comment and complince on line

  • mack burd

    WHO: Advance Automotive-Ted Nguyen-Manager #858-277-5660
    7903 Balboa Ave. San Diego, Ca. 92111

    KIA: Gary Franks #858-715-3451 Parts Director at Kearny Pearson Ford KIA . 92111
    Paul Ortiz #949-468-4512 Regional Operations Mgr.-Consumer Affairs. Irvine, Ca. 92606

    What: I went to Advance Auto on 09/15/2010 for routine maintenance service on my 2005 Kia Sedona the mileage was 72214.
    My van was working perfect before this big mess happen.
    Advance put a new timing belt and new water pump in my van. Ted said they used all OEM KIA parts from Kearny Mesa Kia Ford.
    The vehicle warranty for KIA had expired and I thought I had chosen a good mechanic shop (Advance Auto).
    On 09/22/2010 the engine light came on. I went right away to Advance Auto. Ted said timing belt had jumped teeth due to defective tensioner part they got from KIA. Ted fixed van for free and honor his One year or 12000 warranty.
    Then on 11/09/2010 I went to start my van, I heard a loud metal clacking noise coming from engine. I turn van off quickly and call for a tow truck. I had van dropped at Advance auto. They found that timing belt had jumped off and several valves now are bent.
    Advance said the part from KIA had failed again.(Hydraulic Tensioner ). Now I need new cylinder heads and another timing belt service job, cost is $1,631.49.
    WHO: I call KIA Gary Franks and said he would go look at van at Advance shop. He said part is not defective and he will not pay for anything period. Gary said too bad and that I should have gone to his KIA Service Shop that has KIA CERTIFIED FACTORY Trained TECHS.
    Ted at Advance said that KIA GARY is a liar and that the part is bad. Ted said bad KIA part was the only cause of my timing belt failure period.
    I called KIA headquarters in Irvine, Ca. They give my case to Paul Ortiz. He gets all the information and has the bad part shipped to his
    office. He tests the part and tells me the KIA PART is not defective. And that KIA will not pay nothing and he said next time go to a KIA Service Center and I will not have any more problems period.
    Wow ! 1000 auto mechanics shops in San Diego county and the only good one is KIA.
    I am stuck in the middle of this mess. ADVANCE will not back down on their KIA bad part findings, KIA states that part is good and that ADVANCE AUTO broke my van because they are stupid.
    I have all receipts and test results for the KIA part.

    Sincerely, Mark Bird #619-890-2207

  • M H Scheeder

    I love my Kia Rondo, and am disappointed that you have taken this model off your line. My only complaint is the light beige upholstery. I cannot get this clean. Even snow leaves water spots. I have tried having the seats commercially cleaned and even the shampoo leaves water marks!. I am embarassed to have passengers in my car. The dealer told me yesterday that it is impossible to clean this fabric without leaving water spots. Since you are Pres. and CEO of Kia, I assume you must have a Rondo for your personal use,. Please tell me how you solve this problem in your own Rondo.