Kia Proceed Concept is gorgeous and normal at the same time image

First of all, let’s say we’re happy the South Korean automaker looks ready to retire the odd “pro_cee’d” naming convention and go for a conventional spelling – especially since this concept is anything but conventional.

If you think station wagons are dead because people are only buying SUVs and crossovers right now, have a second look at this stunning prototype that seems to happily mix the shooting brake body type with a regular station wagon, resulting in a great looking five-door hatchback. Styled in Europe, this new “extended hot hatch” as Kia likes to nickname it gets concept perks – huge 20-inch wheels with a complicated design, no mirrors, striking Lava Red paint and what look like plenty of carbon fiber elements that are clearly a very long way from getting onto a standard production Kia.

Kia Proceed Concept is gorgeous and normal at the same time 0

The concept also packs the house’s GT specification, complete with big vents up front, massive fenders and those carbon fiber accents we mentioned earlier. The concept is even social – the greenhouse’s outline automatically lights up when the driver gets near to greet him, with the lack of B-pillar and a huge panoramic glass roof creating a modern look. We are expecting this concept to preview a standard production version that will supersede the two-generations of the coupe body style, but we’ll know more when it hits the floor of the Frankfurt Motor Show.