Kia Ray will be launched on the Korean market only image

The South Korean based automaker Kia has recently revealed the first images of the new Ray model which will be sold exclusively on the local auto market, but the production version shouldn’t be confused with the Ray Concept which was presented by the brand back in 2010 at the Chicago Auto Show, being a box-type city vehicle, different from the concept in terms of styling and shape.

As you can see from the two images provided by the South Korean based automaker, the production version of the Ray has a simple exterior silhouette, with the front fascia combining the company’s signature radiator grille with the unique headlights and LED daytime running lights, while the rear end has a wide and stable stance which is accentuated by large LED rear combination lamps with vertically positioned bumper reflectors.


Earlier this year we kept talking about weird door arrangements, mostly on European and sometimes on American vehicles, but it seems that this “trend” is quickly catching on in Asia too, where Kia has chosen a unique way of opening each rear door, as you can see from the two images uploaded in the article.

The right hand side of the passenger rear door is a sliding-type unit which allows easier access in and out of the vehicle in tight parking spaces and not only, providing also an unobstructed side opening for cargo storage, while the rear door on the left hand side is opening in the traditional way.

Kia didn’t provide any details about the Ray’s engine choices, performance figures or standard features and its keeping all of this “stuff” secret until the vehicle will be ready to meet its future customers.