The South Korean automaker has now reached the development phase of the fourth generation Rio, with the supermini presented to the world as a size grower in order to deliver even more comfort.

The fourth generation 2017 Kia Rio has now been revealed complete with its updated upscale design – which was penned by the company’s design centers in Germany and California complete with thoughtful guidance from the global design headquarters in Namyang, South Korea. The new Rio is not a complete departure from the predecessor but brings in a more stylish approach which is reflected both on the exterior and interior appearance. The supermini deploys the latest upgrade of the corporate ‘tiger nose’ grille which is now wider and thinner, with the dual-function projection headlights evolving directly from the predecessor – though with a slightly modified design that also includes new U-shaped LED daytime running lights.

Kia shows off the all-new fourth generation 2017 Rio 4

At the back the new B-segment car has upgraded LED light signature taillights, the rear glass is now almost vertical and there’s also a shorter overhang. The 2017 Rio is now 15 mm (half an inch) longer at 4,065 mm (160 inches), with 10 mm (0.4 inches) growth for the wheelbase to 2,580 mm (101.5 inches), 5 mm wider body to 1,725 mm (68 inches) and a decrease in height of 5 mm (0.2 inches) to 1,450 mm (57 inches). The cabin gets a new infotainment system which eschews some of the physical buttons, the dashboard is slightly directed towards the driver and Kia also introduces a new leather-wrapped steering wheel. Kia also emphasizes the increased practicality – comes with larger trunk – and also introduced an optional ‘red pack’ for the interior with black & red artificial leather-trimmed seats.


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