Kia teases the 2017 Rio prior to September 29 introduction image

The South Korean automaker has decided to start early on the teaser game for the all-new supermini – the 2017 Rio – which is scheduled for an official worldwide premiere on September 29.

As it’s revealed in the teaser, the aggressive front end is not actually the reported GT version but it’s the stance attributed to the standard model – and the teasers do go a little overboard (as is customary) thanks to the use of a set of larger than life alloy wheels that will most definitely get the green light on the official production version. The design showcases a revolutionary rather than evolutionary approach to the overall design of the Rio, with the B-segment five-door hatchback being more interesting than before. The new design language is the work of Kia’s design studios in Germany and California with help from the main center in Namyang, South Korea. The interior appears to have been upgraded as well, with Kia looking ready to position the Rio slightly more upmarket.

Kia teases the 2017 Rio prior to September 29 introduction 0

The introduction is certainly key for Kia, taking into account the Rio is the company’s top seller with more than 473,000 cars sold in 2015. As far as technical details are concerned, we have learned from Kia the current wheelbase of 101.2 inches (2.57 meters) will be expanded. Kia said the new Rio will be even more practical, while also packing the ‘latest connectivity features’ – most likely Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility.