Kia will offer seven years warranty to the entire range image

Kia’s seven-year warranty – claimed to be the best offered by any manufacturer in Europe – is to be extended to every car in the Korean manufacturer’s range.

The lengthy warranty – some terms and conditions apply, of course, will now apply to every vehicle in the Hyundai affilate’s range.

This doesn’t mean that every single part of the car is covered for seven years. The paintwork warranty depends on the individual model, but generally it’s covered for five years, while the audio system is covered for three and service parts, accessories and batteries for two. “Wear and tear” items such as tyres, brake pads and clutch linings are not covered at all, though that’s common practice.

The new “7-Year Kia Warranty” will apply to all vehicles sold and registered in more than 20 European countries after 1st January 2010.

Michael Cole, Managing Director of Kia Motors (UK) Ltd., explained: “The warranty covers every vehicle in our line-up for up to seven years – and no-one in the business can boast that. Even better, the warranty is transferable to subsequent owners bringing a big boost for used values.”