Kia’s mini supercar, V8 coupe image

The South Korean car manufacturer Kia has announced its intention to develop a V8 powered rear wheel drive coupe, to battle the Porsche 911.

Hyundai’s dreams shatter as one of it’s main rivals, Kia, announced serious plans about creating a mini super car, which will be the rival of the mighty Porsche 911.

According to Kia’s officials, the South Korean automaker has a strategy from which to leave the budget-priced saloon and hatchbacks, for which it is famous, and slowly move in at the supercar section. Another giant marketing strategy of Kia is to take on Volkswagen in Europe with future model.

Kia’s vice president, Houng-Keun Lee, announced the need of an image car at the launch of the new Rio in Seoul, South Korea.

The Asian car manufacturer has big plans which also include “taking down” the supremacy of Mazda MX-5 and a sporting sub-brand is also being taken into consideration by the management staff.

The Porsche 911 rival, which will be build on a new chassis, will make it’s official apearance at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, in september, so customers who couldn’t decide, between a 911 and a future Hyundai supercar, now have a new choice, Kia’s V8 coupe.