Kim Dotcom’s Wife: Give me back my $202k Mercedes-Benz! image

Kim Dotcom’s wife Mona has applied to the courts for the return of her belongings seized when her husband Kim Dotcom was arrested on copyright charges, including a $202,000 G55 Mercedes SUV and a face sculpture valued at $100,000.

During the bust, federal agents carted off millions of dollars in luxury goods, including 18 cars worth nearly $5 million, found at the Dotcom mansion.

Of her request to the courts, Mona Dotcom said, “I have always believed my husband’s businesses are entirely lawful and I still believe this to be true,” according to the New Zealand Herald.

“I am simply asking the courts to return my own property and make reasonable provision for our family’s ongoing maintenance and care,” she said in the court filing, according to the Herald.

According to SkyNews, the some of that “maintenance and care” in the couple’s rented mansion includes a staff of six for NZ$29,000 per month ($22,562), $NZ1,850 a week ($1,439) for lawn mowing, and $NZ3,500 ($2,723) each month for electricity, among other costs.

Two other Megaupload employees, chief marketing officer Finn Batato and lead programmer Bram van Der Kolk, have been granted bail, but they’re both banned from owning or using a device capable of connecting to the Internet.

Kim Dotcom’s flamboyant lifestyle has fueled public interest in the case since he’s been charged with costing copyright holders at least $500 million.