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The main function of an air filter is to offer superior dirt protection and high airflow. K&N air filters provide least resistance to the air entering the engine, thus increasing the airflow.

This in turn boosts engine performance. And this is why you can see many professional racers running expensive cars without air filters- to get the additional throttle response and horsepower to win the race.

The difference

What’s the thing that makes K&N filters stand apart from others? They have superior filtration abilities and they remove the contaminants that harm the system. While doing so, they also increase the airflow to the engine. These air filters have 98% average filtration efficiency. All air filters are not created equal, and so the filtration efficiency and specific airflow varies depending upon the given filter.

No compromise

Dirt protection and air flow- both are important for engine performance. This is why any filter must be judged by its filtration abilities and air flow efficiency. It is easy to improve airflow by reducing the filtration abilities. But that would make it a bad air filter. K&N filters do not compromise on one aspect to make the other one better. This is why many people prefer them for their vehicles.

The look

K&N air filters are known by their look. Many companies have started making filters that look like K&N. And since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, K&N should be proud of it. But there is a risk. Though they might look like them, but they don’t perform like them, so it is best to look for the company name before buying a filter just by its look. These lookalikes do not provide proper engine protection.

Why is air flow important?

There are many reasons. Putting it in easy terms for the layman, an engine is basically an air pump. If more air enters it, it will increase the combustion process, and thus more energy will be produced. This means more torque and horsepower. As you might know, horsepower is the metric to gauge engine power, and torque is the rate of acceleration.

K&N filters are designed in such a way that they increase the power of engine – they increase the horsepower, along with the throttle response by lowering air flow limitation. The amount of air decreases due to resistance as it passes through a filtering medium.

Thus the filtering medium must be such that it filters out the contaminants and yet maintains the level of air.

Air filtration and mileage

Mileage depends upon the air filter restrictions. The logic is simple. The more the engine has to work to take in air, the more gas will be spent on it. If you have used a K&N filter and have experienced an increase in mileage, do not be surprised. Since the engine gets the ‘right type’ of air easily, it has to work less, and thus it uses less gas.

But if you take undue advantage of the extra power by driving aggressively, then you reduce the mileage. You can’t have your cake and eat it too!

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