Koenigsegg not joining the roster of high-end manufacturers with SUV offerings image

Swedish exotic car manufacturer Koenigsegg has reportedly quenched any possible rumor about the make introducing in the near future a sport utility / crossover vehicle.

Fans of the growing high-performance SUV niche will be saddened to find out that Koenigsegg is ruling out the possibility of ever introducing a sport utility vehicle / crossover. Apparently the piece of info slipped away from the company’s boss and founder Christian von Koenigsegg just recently during the ongoing Geneva Motor Show. His opinion about the vehicles form this newly created segment is they are “fundamentally flawed.” He also added the supercar maker would be confident in its technical abilities about the capabilities needed to rework the supercar chassis into one usable for an SUV model, so he is ruling out the lack of technical prowess. “To make our carbon chassis into an SUV, you’d have to stretch that chassis. You’d keep the front and rear ends as they are, go more extreme on the thickness of the honeycomb, you’d put a carbon cage structure up top… technically I don’t see a big issue with it.”

But the manager said he’s not a fan of SUVs and crossovers and has no intention to have the Swedish manufacturer come up with one. “It’d be a pretty wild SUV. I think it could be a thing the market could accept. But I’m just not a fan of SUVs. To me they are fundamentally flawed. Sure we could sell them, but I don’t want to,” he added during the interview.

Via Top Gear