Koenigsegg presents another bespoke Regera image

Over the past few weeks, Koenigsegg has been treating its Facebook page with employee-designed Regera models – first for a tribute to the legendary Prince, the second for French wines.

While the first was the work of the copywriter Steven Wade, and the second of wine-loving Sales Director Johan B, the third is just as desirable – the creation of Prototype Manager and Vehicle Builder Mattias Vox. The exterior finish is called Battleship Grey and we’re pretty much inclined to believe it, especially with the clear carbon fiber central stripe looking like the tarmac for a Navy fighter. There’s also the optional new aero package on the front and rear, and sharing the recipe with the other two brings carbon fiber wheels.

Koenigsegg presents another bespoke Regera 3

The interior is wearing a chocolate brown with lighter accents leather – very similar to the second concept – but mixes white center seat sections with diamond stitching instead of caramel accents on the door panels and seat bolsters. These employee-designed bespoke Regeras seem to preview the upcoming configurator for the Swedish exotic brand’s models, maybe in time for the Geneva Motor Show. With just 80 examples to be produced over the course of its existence, these custom Regera models might not get to see the light of day – unless an affluent client decides one of the depictions is good enough for his own garage.