Koenigsegg Regera seen naked will keep you staring image

This is actually very safe for work – it’s automotive nudity at its best, with Koenigsegg seemingly capable of showing one by one each and every production Regera it will ever make.

These past few months have seen Koenigsegg release into the wild of the Internet a series of internally designed Regera models – the latest has been envisioned by the company’s Facility Manager, Chrille, which has a rather sinister desire. This is due to the clear carbon body that has no extra layers of paint – and even goes more hardcore with extra black strips and the hypercar’s optional aerodynamics package. The naked Regera uses carbon “Tresex” wheels with the brake calipers finished in anthracite to complete the stealth look. The bare carbon fiber theme is also present inside – with the material used on the Regera’s center console, A-pillars, as well as on some sections of the door panels and steering wheel.

Koenigsegg Regera seen naked will keep you staring 2

The dash meanwhile is covered in black Alcantara and the seats have a carbon/black upholstery with so-called “Snow” inserts. The white finish is also present on the back wall for a touch if light and a two-tone styling. By the way, the series of in-house designs will finish strong when company founder Christian von Koenigsegg will share his own personal vision of the perfect Regera. And here we though we’re going to be treated to the entire roster of 80 units, one by one…