Koenigsegg using Geneva Motor Show to end Agera, reveal series Regera image

The Swedish ultra-luxury exotic sports car manufacturing is completing the Alpha and Omega cycle during this year’s Geneva Motor Show by presenting the final Agera and the first production Regera.

The two world premieres will share the spotlight at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show that will get live on March 1 and we’re pretty sure fans will swell the booth to see the very last Agera and the first Regera in production form. The duo will also be sitting next to the new version of the 1, 160-hp Agera RS – which has been billed as the fastest-selling Koenigsegg ever. The 25 units that have been planned for production were sold in just ten months following the model’s reveal during last year’s edition of the Geneva Motor Show.

Koenigsegg has come up with a mysterious teaser that only shows some carbon fiber elements and has been mum about the models that will adorn its Swiss event’s booth. They did entice us by saying the Regera has been developed after no less than 3, 000 changes during the last twelve months of development. The model was showcased in pre-production form last year in Geneva and this year we’ll get treated to the production version that will also be limited to a manufacturing run of just 80 units. The Regera prototype came up with more than 1,500 horsepower (1,118 kilowatts) and a mind-blowing torque of more than 1,476 pounds-feet (2,000 Newton meters), so we’re pretty enticed about the final specs of the production version.