The Swedish exotic manufacturer is renowned for its exclusivity, craftsmanship and performance vehicles – so seeing the Regera, One:1 and Agera RS all at once in one place would be like Christmas in July.

Only swap the Santa’s gift bag for the three supercars and the tree setting for a more barren one – the racetrack. And since we’re not really able as mere mortals to have the fortune of seeing all of the models produced by Koenigsegg in one place (chances are we’re better catching Santa’ while he’s delivering presents) we’ll take the next best thing – a single image with the Regera, One:1 and Agera RS. The planets seem to have aligned in Angelholm, with the brand’s three spectacular models taking their time for some sweet revving on the carmaker’s own test track all at once. We have here the Regera (center), One:1 (right) and Agera RS (left) in what could count as a regular family photo shootout. But even the way we listed them should denote this is not your regular automaker’s family – we depicted them in order of performance. And this should mean something – consider the One:1 is just second even though it sports the perfect weight-to-power ratio (hence the name).

“Super-dooper rare occurrence today, with a One:1, Regera and an Agera RS all down at the test track at the same time,” commented the official Facebook post of the miracle. Now that the Koenigsegg Agera R has been dethroned from the multiple acceleration and braking records in the 0-186 mph-0 category by the One:1 we’re just eager to see the potential of the Regera, a 1,500 hp hybrid, has in store for us.



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