Kubatech, a German tuner has introduced a tuning kit which offers a youthful revise to the aging Porsche 997 GT2 model.

This substantial revision includes a 3.6 liter turbo unit that will sit in the GT2 and provide a total output of 657 PS that is 483 kW / 648 bhp along with 835 Nm that is 616 lb-ft of torque. Overall, this extensive tuning job has done only under the hood, but upgraded a completely new revision. All the equipment under the hood that represent the engine tuning kit by Kubatech are modified turbochargers, 200-cell sport catalysts from Cargraphic, performance charge air coolers, new manifolds, and an ECU remap.

Kubatech has added a Stage 3/MC650 kit that offers a wonderful opportunity to the car to deliver more power. This is an extensive improvement done by the German tuner Kubatech from the series 530 PS that is 390 kW and 680 Nm that is 501 lb-ft of torque. This tuning job has taken total 6-8 working days as said by the German tuner. Along with this, the cost of this powerpack performance car estimates under €23,000.






By Sunita Mandal


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