L.A. Auto Show: BMW i3 wins 2015 Green Car of the Year image

The BMW i3 has managed to win the 2015 Green Car of the Year award, during the 2014th edition of the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The 2015 Green Car of the Year Award has been won recently by the BMW i3, which is proving to be extremely popular, in the United States at least. The model in question has managed to beat finalists such as the Honda Fit, VW Golf, Audi A3 TDI or Chevy Impala Bi-Fuel.

“BMW’s i3 is a milestone vehicle in many respects and illustrates the automaker’s expansive vision of future motoring. It is purposefully designed with a small environmental footprint and zero emissions, offering the best features of an electric vehicle with the functionality of an available on board engine-generator that nearly doubles its battery electric range”, said the Green Car Journal and CarsOfChange.com editor and publisher, Ron Cogan.

The BMW i3 is the first addition to the new “i” range, along with the i8 sports car. It has been officially presented to the public last year and it is currently being assembled in Leipzig, Germany. The vehicle has a 5-door hatchback body style, along with a rear-engine and rear-wheel drive, getting a 170 HP (125 kW) and 250 Nm (184 lb-ft) of torque electric motor under its hood, backed up by a range extender and connected to a single-speed transmission.