L.A. Auto Show: Infiniti SYNAPTIQ Concept image

This is Infiniti’s entry for the 11th annual Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge and represents the Japanese company’s take on a unique human-machine interface – reflecting how people could interact with their cars in 2029.

The concept mirrors the assigned theme of “Sensing the Future: How Will Cars Interact With Us In 2029?” and is Infiniti’s unique answer to the challenge. The futuristic vehicle features a modular design, focusing on augmented reality, 3D hologram and wearable technologies.

This is the first time that the Infiniti brand enters the well-known design challenge, with the SYNAPTIQ concept envisioned by its San Diego studio – the designers let imagination loose and envisioned a close future when people could use daily the augmented reality, 3D hologram and wearable technologies for the casual driving experience – in a seamless interaction between man and machine.

“As designers, we are always looking toward what’s next, but SYNAPTIQ allows us to conceptualize what’s even further out for drivers in the future,” said John Sahs, interior design manager at Infiniti, and leader of the SYNAPTIQ team. “Yet, through the A.R.C. Race concept, we were also able to imagine a way to effectively demonstrate how these technologies could be used, whether the vehicle is on or off road, or even in the air.”

The SYNAPTIQ design is even more useful, as the creators also thought the concept could be used to participate in a vehicle triathlon called the A.R.C. Race – it includes air, rally and circuit competitions. Each race would see the driver using a SYNAPTIQ universal fuselage that controls each of the different air, rally and circuit vehicles.