L.A. Auto Show: Mini Citysurfer Concept image

We all know the Los Angeles Auto Show to be an unconventional automotive event on many occasions. Here’s a British one that should help you digest faster that “five o’clock” tea break.

The British city car brand – owned by BMW, the largest premium automaker in the world – has decided to publicly unveil during the 2014 edition of the Los Angeles Auto Show a surprising concept. It’s called the Mini Citysurfer and it’s essentially a folding, electrically powered kick scooter. A very stylish one, we might add, though we’re sure that people seeing you ride one would laugh… until you pass them silently thanks to the electric motor.

Mini sees a wide range of uses for its Citysurfer concept (if it makes it into production) – thanks to the compact structure, easy fold system and low weight – 18 kg (40 lbs). Getting you fast and effortless from the car park, rail or bus station to your final destination is possible thanks to the auxiliary electric drive and thumb-operated accelerator. There’s a gearless hub motor in the rear wheel and the electric power enables a permits top speed of 25 km/h (15 mph), but there’s a catch – it’s only enabled after you use physical thrust to reach a minimal speed. The electric assistance can be overridden thanks to a brake lever. Thanks to the completely integrated Li-Ion battery, electric range is of around 15 to 25 kilometers (10 – 15 miles).