After teasing it in a promotional video earlier this month, the Italian based automaker Fiat is keeping its word and presents to the American public its new “pocket rocket”, the Abarth 500, which promises to take the “fun to drive experience” to another level.

Just as the initial rumors said, the 2012 Fiat 500 Abarth is powered by the new 1.4 liter MultiAir Turbo four-cylinder engine, developing a total output of 135 horsepower, which should be more than enough to put a smile on your face almost every day.

According to the Italian based car manufacturer, the new Fiat 500 Abarth also comes with the Abarth-tuned suspension and brakes, lowering the ride height and making sure you will be able to stop the vehicle in no time, and for that interesting “sound”, the model also comes with a performance-tuned exhaust system.

Even if the Italian automaker didn’t chose a realistic way to present its 500 Abarth earlier this month, naming it a “bad boy” and “asking” if the country needs “another outcast” after the model has been promoted by Jennifer Lopez and its looks stand for just about everything except aggressiveness, the vehicle will most likely be an interesting choice to its future customers.

Fiat didn’t officially announce the 500 Abarth’s price or more details on it, but the new model is expected to hit the United States dealerships after the automotive event or early next year.


  1. Big, big deception. Was looking for the Essesse version (160 HP). Will see when the selling price is known or if a tuner kit will be made available.


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