LA Auto Show: Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 convertible image

The most powerful and fast production Chevrolet – the Corvette ZR1 – has just made the headlines at the recent Dubai Motor Show, but the American brand did save what we think was the best for its home LA Auto Show, the convertible version.

It’s quite the surprise to see Chevrolet come out at the Los Angeles venue with the open top version of the Corvette ZR1 so quickly after the first public outing of the coup version, but we’re certainly glad they did it – roofless cars are sexier than ever, especially since they’re starting to become an “endangered species” outside of the sports / supercar arena. It’s of course the most powerful production convertible ever created by the bowtie brand, and that’s about all in terms of details. We do have the price for the US market though – $123,995 for the convertible and $119,995 for the coupe.

Naturally, the coupe credentials are translated here as well – the full 755 horsepower of grunt, but we have no idea just yet how the roadster conversion affects weight, performance and aerodynamics. We already know the coupe version is going to be the one Chevrolet model to try and capture a Nurburgring record for its own – so expect the convertible to the one of the most extreme open-tops out there, regardless of the penalties in terms of weight and performance over the coupe counterpart.