The famous Russian brand Lada will end production for its 2107 model after 41 years of existence and more than 16.8 million cars built in Russia, Germany and Kazakhstan.

Being a huge hit and made in a simple way with a strong Russian flavor, the Lada 2107 was pretty reliable and many “mammoth” cars still cruise the roads all over the world.

The Lada 2107 was also sold under the Riva, 1500, 2101 and Classic names over the years and it was rallied through tough conditions since its 1970 debut.

Even though last year Lada had a sales increase with 136.000 units sold, the Russian car manufacturer decided to “end its life” which until now seemed immortal.

The legendary Eastern European car will join the Volkswagen Beetle in museums as the vehicles who had the longest production run. This would be the perfect time for the Russian car manufacturer to develop an updated version of the model to take its place.



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