Lada Granta was launched in Russia image

The Russian based automaker Lada has recently revealed the Granta budget car on the local auto market, the replacer for the Samara model.

According to the car manufacturer, the Lada Granta which was officially presented in Russia, is replacing the Samara model, which has been on the local auto market ever since 1997. Lada says that the new Granta can be bought for the equivalent of 7.500 USD and, just as you have probably thought, for the money you get nothing which is worth mentioning, like four wheels, two headlights, a steering wheel, a top for when it’s raining and some windows. For an extra 1.000 USD, Lada is offering a superior trim level of the Granta, which comes with power steering and power windows and a sound system, but that’s about all.

Moving on the engine and the Russian based car manufacturer is offering a 1.6 liter unit, with two valves per cylinder which is developing a total output of 64 horsepower, but Lada says that another powerplant, with 1.4 liters in displacement, will also be introduced, with four valves per cylinder, but there’s no official word on the output and torque of that engine. The carmaker will also develop a racing version of the Lada Granta for the World Touring Car Championship in order to promote the model.

  • Edward Camilleri

    It looks bargain, i drove a lada samara for 11 years and it was a good car for the prize.