Lada introduces Vesta Cross Concept in Moscow image

The largest automaker in Russia, AvtoVAZ, has decided its brand Lada could make use of the ongoing Moscow Off-Road Show and decided to officially unveil the Vesta Cross concept car.

The model is designed as a crossover station wagon, with its innards based on the Vesta – so we expect that if attracts a favorable crowd reaction the production series model could be just around the corner. The information from the launch was scarce, but we can see production-ready styling with a black radiator grille, extensive plastic body cladding for added protection and satin metallic trim, as well as plastic underbody protection front and back. The model’s styling is also highlighted by the large five-spoke alloy wheels and its ability to tackle rougher terrain supported by the higher ground clearance.

“The Vesta Cross Concept is part of the strategy by Lada to reate new products aimed at the consumer, taking into account the specifics of the market and needs of potential clients of the new generation. The concept shows the full involvement in the current and future trends of creating cars and plays an important role in the ongoing development of the new corporate identity of the brand. Chance of serial production of this vehicle exists, “ comments Bo Inge Andersson, the president of the automaker.

The top official added that it’s way too early to discuss the technical specifications, with the normal Vesta only entering production this autumn. The concept’s ascendance can be traced back to the 2012 X-Ray concept and then on the Vesta concept presented last year durint he Moscow Motor Show. The Lada brand is no inexperienced crossover producer either, having in its lineup today the Largus Cross, Kalina Cross, 4×4 Urban and 4×4 Elbrus Edition.


    just hope the motor will be a little stronger than the expected 116 hp…