Lada Stops Production of the Riva Sedan Model image

Lada ceases production of Riva Sedan after a 30-year production run.

The infamous Russian sedan that drew ire from the likes of Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson began production in 1982, being mainly based on the late VAZ-2101 from 1970, which in turn is heavily based on the Fiat 124 sedan from 1966. Over its life span the model had many different names: domestically it was named according to the trim level as the VAZ-2105 and VAZ-2107, and the 2107 was nicknamed was the seven, or semyorka, in Russian. The 2105 also came as a station wagon version, dubbed the VAZ-2104, also to be discontinued by the end of 2012.

Even if Ladas enjoyed modest success both in Europe and the Soviet Union during their heyday, the model was withdrawn from the European market in the late 1990s because of safety and emissions problems, and also because of the buyers prefer newer models such as the Granta, a model co-developed with Renault.

From August 2012 the Granta is to be built on the Izhevsk, Russia line that made the Riva, and it will feature between 80 and 98 horsepower, based on trim level, and either one or two front airbags.