Sport utility vehicles are still on top of customers’ car preferences lists, a booming trend that it is also pushed by single women.

The high demand for SUVs is the main growth factor for the auto record sales around the world, with crossovers especially being the most wanted modes. And it seems ladies are playing a big role in this trend, at least in the United States. According to the research company MaritzCX, small SUV sales among women rose 34 percent, compared to a 22 percent rise for men, from 2010 to 2015. But the female buyers are not just desiring any type of SUV. They are aiming the top, as the premium segment saw a 177 percent jump in sales to ladies for the same time frame.

The study also revealed that 40 percent of overall women customers are not married. Therefore, the automakers should pay more attention towards ladies’ needs from now on. Increasing levels of income and education, as well as getting married and having children much later, combine to create a growing number of single women buying cars, said James Mulcrone, director of MaritzCX, quoted by Bloomberg. “They’re going to make money, they’re going to make their own decisions, and they can be very loyal consumers.”

This direction has also been pointed out earlier this year by Ford, following an analysis of personal new vehicle registrations in the US from IHS Automotive, which revealed that the recent double digit sales increases of its SUVs is due to women buyers and millennials in general.



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