Lamborghini Aventador and Gallardo won’t get plug-in hybrid versions image

Lamborghini won’t develop plug-in hybrid versions for the Aventador and Gallardo because of the size of the cars and weight of this “process”.

In a world where cars won’t be bought anymore over the following years unless there is an electric engine somewhere underneath their body, the Italian based automaker Lamborghini is gambling its future sales figures by saying that no plug-in hybrid versions of the Aventador and Gallardo supercars will be offered. The company says that the “green” variants of the above mentioned supercars are almost impossible because of their size and also because of the weight of hybridization.

But if the two models won’t get plug-in hybrid versions anytime soon, that doesn’t mean that the Aventador will remain the same and rumors are saying that the 2013 model will come with two emissions reducing systems which basically means that a cylinder deactivation, along with a stop/start system, will be added. CO2 emissions will be reduced thanks to the upgrades mentioned above and fuel consumption will also be improved. Additional details on the upcoming Aventador and Gallardo supercars are limited for the moment.

Source: Lamborghini and Car Advice