Lamborghini Aventador gets scratched by truck in Bangkok image

The owner of a Lamborghini Aventador will have some serious money to retrieve from his bank account after his ride was scratched by a truck in Thailand.

When you think of Thailand the first thing that pops in your mind is a “business trip” of two days or, if you have read the news, some violence may be the second thing you will think of. But the Asian country has its number of supercars and one of them has recently suffered some damage. The Lamborghini Aventador pictured above has been scratched by a truck and it will need some servicing. Hopefully, the insurance will cover the expenses.

There’s no need to talk about possible injuries because the only thing that has suffered damage is the Italian supercar. The incident happened in Bangkok recently. The Aventador has been in production since 2011 and it came as a replacement for the 10-year old Murcielago. The model will be produced in just 4,000 units and it has a 6,5 liter naturally aspirated engine under its hood, which is rated at 690 HP (510 kW) and 690 Nm (510 lb-ft) of torque, enough for a 0 to 100 km/h sprint made in 3 seconds and a top speed of 350 km/h (217 mph).

Source: Wrecked Exotics