Lamborghini Aventador gets seized for not being insured image

The United Kingdom Metropolitan Police department seized a Lamborghini Aventador just yesterday because the supercar wasn’t insured.

In an operation which lead to the seizing of 180 vehicles, conducted by the Metropolitan Police in the UK, a Lamborghini Aventador played the main role. The Italian supercar in question was stopped because lacking a front license plate but further inspection revealed that the driver was not the registered owner and he was not covered on the insurance to drive the vehicle. This isn’t the first time when British police seizes a Lamborghini Aventador and just earlier this year, another one was seized also for driving without insurance.

The action may seem well justified and it probably won’t scare out other supercar owners in the country but the truth is that the Lamborghini Aventador in question may end up a pile of metal, rubber and plastic and eventually get transformed into beer cans because it has a very big chance of ending up in the crushes. Note to self, if having a supercar and wanting to take a trip to the UK, get it insured. We’re wondering what the owner’s reaction, of the Aventador pictured below, was when he found out that his “baby” may get crushed.