Lamborghini Aventador hits Opel Corsa in Germany image

The driver of this Lamborghini Aventador has slammed his ride into an upcoming Opel Corsa after an illegally overtaking maneuver.

Supercar crashes are smashing in our “Car Crashes” category today and the “latest addition” is a Lamborghini Aventador. The grey-finished exotic ride has been involved in a crash in Germany after the guy behind the wheel tried to illegally overtake a slow-moving BMW. The Aventador has smashed head-on into the Opel Corsa flipping it and it has also hit the BMW. The Italian supercar has stopped under a guardrail on the side of the road. The passenger of the Aventador and the 32-year old female driver of the Opel have suffered serious injuries.

Lamborghini has been producing the Aventador since 2011. This is the replacement of the Murcielago and it has maintained its rear mid-engine and all-wheel drive layout. The flagship vehicle is offered in two body styles, two-door coupe and two-door roadster, both of them making use of the 6.5 liter naturally aspirated V12 engine. This is rated at 690 HP (510 kW) and 689 Nm (508 lb-ft) of torque. From 0 to 100 km/h, the supercar needs just 3.0 seconds and top speed stands at 350 km/h (217 mph). Power is being sent to the all-wheel drive through a single-clutch seven-speed semi-automatic transmission. The Aventador has been officially presented to the public during the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.