Lamborghini Aventador J Sold for $2.76 Million image

Yes, the stunning Lamborghini Aventador J is already sold to an unnamed collector for the lofty sum of $2.74 million at current conversion rates.

There is only one Lamborghini Aventador J and whoever the lucky individual is who ultimately purchased the Aventador J, he or she bought an incredibly beautiful and well-engineered machine and no doubt left those they outbid with the lingering taste of jealousy.

Brand representatives naturally would not divulge the name of the buyer, but acknowledged that whoever bought it would experience what the company called an “extreme driving experience.”

Aventador J was essentially a show-pony concept car, revealed at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show, that demonstrated just what the flagship Lambo could be capable of. About that there is no doubt: The J is an open-cockpit two-seater, capable of speeds in excess of 180 miles an hour.

It packs 691 hp from the same 6.5-liter engine as its fixed-roof, serially produced sibling and is clad in a shade called Rosso Red. It makes extensive use of carbon fiber, including a patented material called “carbon skin” for the interior.