Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 50 Anniversario granted Vossen wheels in China image

The Aventador LP720-4 50 Anniversario was presented by Lamborghini as a 50th anniversary gift for the fans and the company only produced 100 units of the model.

Yet somehow a model that is really special needs to be made unique by the affluent buyers – the footage below will show you how this particular V12 Raging Bull became unique. The Sant’Agata Bolognese unit now has Vossen wheels to showcase, namely the Miami-based aftermarket specialist’s Precision Series VPS-302 model. This is an elegant five-double-spoke themed minimalist design unit that will go along with the overall theme of the Aventador. The Glossy Black finish has been mixed up with a concave design and fortunately the transformation stops short of going the overdone route.

This particular V12 Raging Bull was shot in China’s Shenzen City – which is only natural considering where the LP720-4 debuted. Back in 2013 Lamborghini outed the model – which is 20 hp more powerful than the regular iteration – during the Shanghai Motor Show. The “special engine calibration” that brought in the extra ponies didn’t affect though performance, which remained unchanged at 60 mph (96 km/h) obtained in three seconds and the top speed reaching 217 mph. By the way, that carbon fiber body is not there just for show – being 50 percent more efficient aerodynamically compared to the “regular” 700-4  Aventador.