The Raging Bull hasn’t even introduced the Aventador S Roadster to the streets – after the presentation at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September – and it’s already granting it the perks of a special edition.

The gorgeous droptop is heading towards the Land of the Special Editions – formerly of the Rising Sun – as it has been designed to celebrate properly no less than 50 years of Lamborghini presence in Japan. It all started half a century ago with the 400 GT model, and it’s not going to end with the new 50th Anniversary Japan edition even though exclusivity is insured through the five-example production run. Actually, every single example is a one-off, with the Ad Personam department and the Centro Stile developing each according to the five natural elements of Japanese culture: earth, wind, fire, water, and sky.

Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster 50th Anniversary arrives in Japan 9

What we see here is “water” version as presented by the company during a special event last week in Tokyo where the supercar maker also held the second edition of its own Lamborghini Day Concours d’Élégance Tokyo. The celebratory Aventador S Roadster needs 170 hours and a team of ten specialists to finish the paint, along with special touches such as the exposed carbon fiber hardtop and windscreen frame. The cockpit is adorned with Nero Ade black leather combined with Nero Cosmus black Alcantara – another 100 hours of labor by six people were needed just for the stitching, which has been color-coordinated with the body and has the exact same gradations and shading. There’s also a hexagonal carbon fiber plate sporting the Japanese symbol for water.


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