Lamborghini Aventador to sport cylinder-deactivation technology image

With rising gas prices and stricter emissions regulations, no manufacturer can afford to ignore fuel efficiency anymore. Not even Lamborghini, the extravagant sports car maker which will reportedly introduce a multi-cylinder displacement system that deactivates six-cylinders when they aren’t needed.

The system will equip the flagship Aventador model starting in 2013, with the supercar becoming more fuel-efficient and emitting less CO2 as a consequence. According to Auto Motor und Sport Sweden, which cites confidential documents, the system will be offered as standard equipment and will be paired with engine start/stop technology.

When the driver hits the accelerator, the engine will start in just 180 milliseconds, the report adds. And since it’s a Lamborghini we’re talking about, the start/stop system will be powered by a capacitor instead of a battery, thus saving about 3 kilograms.
According to the same report, after all these changes will be operated, the Aventador will have an average fuel consumption of 16 liters/100 km (14.7 mpg US) and CO2 emissions of 370 g/km.

Other changes for the 2013 model year will include stiffer springs and retuned dampers that will offer a more comfortable driving experience. Also, the instrument cluster will be revised and a number of carbon fiber accesories will be introduced.